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Examples of Indigenous development
DEUTSCH EDAI Economic Development for Amerindians

Economic Development among the Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

The Hope for the Future Robert Brent Anderson Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-896691-56-5 (1999) 310 pages, 580 g, 7 X 10, $32.25 (US$32.25) For Native Studies courses on economic development and issues in Aboriginal business. Aboriginal peoples in Canada and Indigenous peoples around the world are becoming increasingly active in economic development activities. To find a place in the new global economy, competitive business venture creations are emerging at the regional, national, and international level. This book explores economic development in order to achieve a greater understanding of this process. Throughout the book, Anderson examines the objectives, strategies, structures, and activities of the Aboriginal peoples in Canada with the following four goals: to identify the emerging approach to development to build models of development that offer new insight to investigate economic development activities in order to determine if they are consistent with the models to examine actual development outcomes to determine if they met the expectations, and to examine whether they have been proven to be effective More...

From wineries to mukluks, native entrepreneurs see 'exponential' growth

TAVIA GRANT - ECONOMICS REPORTER The Globe and Mail, Monday, Feb. 18 2013, More...
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